Lianyungang Orientcraft Abrasives CO., LTD

Orientcraft was established in 2002, it has had rich experience of more than 15years in abrasive products so far. We always devote to the development of new products based on market demand analysis.



    The third factory of ORIENTCRAFT ABRASIVES is about to be completed

    In recent years, Lianyungang Orientcraft Abrasives Co., LTD has strengthened product quality management while vigorously improving productivity, providing customers with better products and better services. With the improvement of the competitiveness of the products, the...

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    Product introduction and precautions of resin cutting discs

    Resin cutting disc is widely used in our work and life because of its excellent performance, wide applicability and cheap price. Today, we will introduce the resin cutting disc and precautions for use. Resin cutting disc is made of resin as binder, glass fiber as frame, ...

  • Product introduction and precautions of flap discs

    Product introduction and precautions of flap discs

    Product introduction of flap discs: The flap disc is composed of matrix mesh, nylon, plastic and several abrasive cloth blades through glue. As an old brand of industrial consumables , flap disc has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in household DIY, ship...


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